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33 thoughts on “Home

  1. mary sewitsky says:

    Do you allow people to check out your farm? We live in Jeff County and would love to see your farm. We garden on a very small scale. Thanks

    • Mary Sewitsky says:

      thank you so much Jim for the wonderful tour. We will be back to buy some things. Sorry we had to leave in such a hurry. Everyone is ok. Thanks again. We really enjoyed all that you showed us and told us.

  2. Michelle Haun says:

    I just bought some of the “Tennessee Cherry Chile” powder from Jim’s stand at the “Spring Thyme in the Garden” event at the Rose Center in Morristown. I put it on the shrimp dish I made tonight for dinner, and it’s hot like I love. And it’s very flavorful and delicious! Jim was really nice & informative too. I just recommended you to everyone on Facebook. Thank you!!

  3. I bought a bottle of Aji Tennessee sauce at Spring Thyme in the Garden and here we are 2 days later and half the bottle is already gone! My husband is the hot sauce lover but I have to admit this was awesome in stir-fry and pasta salad. I can’t wait to try more. So glad we finally found you.

  4. George & Moon Irion says:

    Hey Jim – great meeting you at the market – too many choices, but that just means a lot still to discover – we are off to Panama but will be back in time for kimchi : ) – Best!

  5. Garrett Beeson says:

    Is there anyway I can purchase some of your Tennessee kimchi?

    • You can send me a check to: Jim Smith
      Rushy Springs Farm
      230 S Rushy Springs Rd
      Talbott, TN 37877 …or pay through Paypal to: rushyspringsfarm@gmail.com

      Price is $11.00 for 5oz bottle. I can ship two bottles for $6.00. Three to six bottles ship for $13.00.

      I presume you live out of convenient range of the Knoxville Market Square Farmers’ Market. But if that is a possibility, I will be there 9-2 the next two Saturdays and 10-2 from the second Sat after Thanksgiving til Sat. before Christmas.

      Thanks for your interest. Jim

  6. Jeremy says:

    I am looking to start a hot sauce company and would like a new and unique pepper to use. I found you and your farm through Google and would like to inquire about your Tennessee Cherry Chile. Are you able to sell and ship to Colorado?

  7. Jason Strobel says:

    Thank you jim for the tour of your farm. Blaine and I had a great time yesterday. You really do have a gem of a farm. Your sauces are the best around. Looking forward to having some of them available at balter brewery once we open. Thanks again looking forward to seeing you at the market. .

  8. Thanks with regard to delivering many of these terrific details.

  9. Bobby Allmon says:

    I was interested in buying seed to plant for the upcoming season. Please let me know if I can purchase seeds so that I can get a head start indoors so plants will be mature come this summer. I would also be interested in visiting your farm if you allow guests. I would love to learn more about peppers and how to grow them better. Thank you for your time!

    • I do have seed that I can sell you. The bad news is that to get a head start on the season you need to germinate your seed in Jan or Feb. If I had the facilities and time to do so I would even plant seed in August for the following year. I do overwinter as many plants as I am able and have some that are seven years old.

      You are welcome to visit my farm. In fact I am in great need of help and if that is of interest to you, I have a limited number of extra plants that I can trade for your labor. If you would like to contact me by phone the no. is 865 674-7004. Best time to reach me is before 9AM or after dark. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Later, Jim

  10. Colin Pearson says:

    Just bought a bottle of Tennessee Cherry and Six Yellows from your Etsy shop… I left a review of the Cherry after only a taste off my finger, I couldn’t even wait to try it on actual food. I make my own fermented chile sauce from cayenne that I grow and have a 12-step-program-worthy addiction to hot sauce in general and this is one of the best ones I’ve had. For the type of sauce that it is, it’s simply perfect, thank you.

  11. I truly enjoy reading on this web site , it contains superb blog posts. “I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time.” by Charles M. Schulz.

  12. Tammy says:

    My husband and i are interested in working for you we are farming with cattle and work with many crops . We take pride in our work and are also looking for long time employment. We both are residing in Morristown. We have no children at home and are willing to put as many hours in as you need us to.
    Thank you
    Cheno and Tammy Hernandez

  13. Tammy says:

    My husband and i are interested in working for you we are farming with cattle and work with many crops . We take pride in our work and are also looking for long time employment. We both are residing in Morristown. We have no children at home and are willing to put as many hours in as you need us to.
    You can call 423 277 3122
    Or 865 347 7900

    Thank you
    Cheno and Tammy Hernandez

  14. Linda Larson says:

    Please Help..can’t get to a site that tells me where your products are sold near me. My zip code is 37934, can you help me out? Thank you, Linda

  15. There are currently no retail sites carrying my products. Quantity is very limited. 12 sauces are listed and described on ETSY which you can link from my “buy” page. If you are familiar with my products you can make a custom order for anything not listed, if not I can send you a complete list. I can give you a better deal on a special order as well. Thanks for your interest.

    • Kim Crabtree says:

      I would be interested in a list of your offerings. I was looking for cherry chili powder.

      • I have a limited amount of TCC powder, 8dram: $7, 4dr: $3.50 You can pay by PayPal to rushyspringsfarm@gmail.com or if you are local see me at the Market Square Farmers Christmas Market this sat and next 11-2. You could also go to my ETSY store and make a custom order request. My powder inventory is low as a result of limited time due to no help. (Peruvian Aji Amarillo, Boldog Paprika, Mayan Cobanero Love, Peach Habanero, Hand ground mixed chile, and mixed chile flakes. In 4dr only, Chocolate Scorpion, Ghost, and for $4, Carolina Reaper and hand ground Chile Pequine. In addition to sauce listings on ETSY I have Serrano, Chipotle, Peach Habanero, White Hot, Vol Sauce, Peruvian Aji Amarillo, and Chocolate Scorpion.

  16. Glenda Ross says:

    I don’t know when I bought your Mild 5 Citrus Marmalade with Chile, Rosemary, and Ginger. It must have some time ago since I have not made it to the markets often since Paul’s illness and death. I had a large collection of gift and purchased jellies etc., and this was toward the back. The collection is dwindling because of limited shopping in the pandemic, which is probably one of the few good things about it. ANYWAY, I’m sitting on my screened porch listening to cicadas while eating your marmalade on toasted w/w tortillas and LOVING it. I miss the sight and taste of your booth, still the most beautiful of all of them. I hope you are staying safe and well.
    Glenda Ross (The Blueberry Lady)

    • Thanks for the complement. I love that stuff too. The current update has 7 citrus. Maintaining those trees is a pain in the ass but sure provides me with great thinks; marmalade, milk shakes, citrus spritzers, citrus infused alcohol. I miss you too. And the market just isn’t the same in our new world. Best wishes.

  17. Ernie Meadows 865 250 9299 says:

    THIS is from Ernie Meadows, Mountain Meadows Farm, 865 250 9299, please celle me

  18. Courtney Irons says:

    Can I order your products for shipping?
    Thanks so much we love your products!!!

    • Yes you can. I have an ETSY store, but the offerings are limited. If you know what you want you can request a special order. You could also make an order through my email (rushyspringsfarm@gmail.com) and pay through PayPal or personal check.

  19. Courtney Irons says:

    Hi Jim, my family and others have missed seeing you this season at the Knoxville Farmers market. I hope you are doing well. I was wondering if it is possible to purchase some of your products online?
    Thanks so much!

  20. C Curtis Anderson says:

    Hello Jim. I’m a Chef at a local restaurant. I am interested in you Carolina reapers and hotter if possible. I understand you have a farmers market stall in Knoxville. Where are you and what times are you there. I would love to meet you and possibly collaborate on some items.
    Thank you.
    C curtis Anderson

    • Thanks for your interest. I am no longer doing a farmers market; only working with a few Knoxville restaurants. My farm is in Jefferson county. You are welcome to visit my farm, or we can arrange to meet in Knoxville or wherever your restaurant is located. My email is rushyspringsfarm@gmail.com my phone is 865 674-7004 (it is a land line; can not text).

      • C Curtis Anderson says:

        I would love to meet you at the farm. I will contact you soon to arrange a time. Thank you,
        C Curtis Anderson

      • I currently have a surplus of several varieties of heirloom tomatoes, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, Genovese basil. I also have a small amount remaining from my hardneck garlic, the best ever, and plenty of softneck. Would love to visit your shop if you are interested. rushyspringsfarm@gmail. (My phone is a land line and has currently been out of service for a week, 865 674-7004 apparently recent storm took out a lot in this area. Don’t know when it will be back on line.) I’ll be delivering in Knoxville Sat afternoon. Hope to see you then.

      • There are only a few weeks left for chile production this season. If you are still interested in Reapers I will be in Knoxville Friday.

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