You can buy online here, or

Or if you are in the Knoxville, TN area you can find Rushy Springs Farm at the Market Square Farmers Market, (2013 season, May 4 – Nov. 23), or drop by The CROWN AND GOOSE Restaurant, 123 S Central St, Knoxville, TN  37902  (865) 524-2100, where a limited selection is generally in stock for sale.

A limited selection is also available at The BreadShed Bakery 1322 N Broadway NE; Knoxville, Tennessee 37917 and at Bearden Beer Market 4524 Old Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919. In Morristown, make sure to check out Ramsey’s Farm Store at 309 N Cumberland St Morristown, TN 37814‎.

Other locations coming soon!


7 thoughts on “Buy

  1. Keith says:

    Have to say when my friend brought this back to me after a recent visit home to Tennessee I was skeptical. But after I tried Trinidad scorpion wow I have a new hot sauce now.

  2. HP Patel says:

    Hi…I am interested in 10-15 bottles of Scorpion powder….please reach out to me

  3. Darby says:

    Hi Rushy Springs Farm, I bought 4 small dry pepper bottles a year or so ago in downtown Knoxville tn. I live in morristown and don’t make it to Knoxville very often. I saw you etsy store but didn’t see the dry pepper spice for sale. Can I order over the phone or email ? We loved the bolddog paprika. Thanks! Your pepper is litterly the I’ve ever tasted!!

    • I am just a few miles south of you, about a mile west of exit 4 on I81 and not far off of Valley Home Rd.Best bet would be to call and arrange a visit to my farm or arrange a meeting in Morristown. I am very busy right now getting ready for winter and haven’t had time to do any powder. Give me about 3 weeks and I should have a pretty good selection.

      Later, Jim

      Rushy Springs Farm
      230 S Rushy Springs Rd
      Talbott, TN 37877

      865 674-7004

  4. […] sauce.  We used a Tennessee Cherry Chili sauce is a salt brine sauce that’s made locally by Rushy Springs Farms and is amazingly full of flavor without a big whollop of heat.  I can be generous with this sauce […]

  5. Keith Thomason says:

    Can I buy a sample pack to find out which sauce I like?

  6. Thanks for your interest. I have 1.7oz bottles for $4, $4.50, and $5 ea depending on variety. All of the sauces on etsy are $4. I actually have 24 different sauces at this point. If you are interested in one of ea I can give you a discount if I can get them all in a USPS medium flat rate box. Otherwise let me know which ones on the shop page you are interested in by choosing the “special order” option on the shop page. If you are interested in a complete list to choose from let me know. Later, Jim

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